Outdoor Recreation

About the Course

This course is for people interested in developing their skills in the Outdoor
Recreation industry. You will develop the skills and knowledge to be competent
in guiding outdoor recreation activities in a controlled environment. It
requires technical knowledge of the outdoor recreation activity to be
transferred to allow individuals to safely participate in the outdoor activity.
It does not provide the skills and knowledge to impart the required level of
technical knowledge and expertise to allow participants to independently
undertake outdoor recreation activities.

A guide operating in a controlled environment has the skills, knowledge and
experience to work autonomously within a closely defined range of skilled
operations involving known routines, methods and procedures, where a small
amount of discretion and judgement is required in the selection of equipment,
services or contingency measures. This person may work independently only within
clearly defined contexts where there are clearly defined Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs) and relevant documented guidelines, key safety features and
risk management procedures for the specific activity location, they are familiar
with those SOPs, and where assistance is available should a non-routine
situation arise.

Work can be undertaken either autonomously or as part of a team under
supervision. This supervision can be on or off site and would provide support to
deal appropriately with unplanned or unexpected events. Work would be undertaken
in field locations with clearly defined site specific situations such as camps,
recreation centres or facilities or fields on various public lands. Work may be
undertaken in differing environments such as water-based, dry land and
mountainous terrains, using a diverse range of equipment.

NSW Skills List

This qualification is on the NSW Skills List. The NSW Government will subsidise eligible students to undertake this qualification. For more information see Smart and Skilled

Available as a traineeship

This course is targeted to people who have access to workplaces which will provide experiences and learning to support the agreed units for the qualification.

TAFE at School (TVET)

TAFE Western offers many face to face and flexible TVET courses giving you the option of gaining a vocational qualification whilst you are at school. A TVET qualification can count towards your HSC, and 74.8% of TAFE graduates move into employment upon completion of their vocational qualifications. TVET is a great way to gain some practical skills in an adult learning environment, and the skills and experience you learn could also count towards your next qualification.

Qualification Certificate III
National Code SIS30413
Where can I study?

Entry Requirements

Entry to this qualification by persons without prior outdoor recreation industry experience or formal qualifications is not recommended.

Examples of sufficient relevant skills and knowledge for entry into the qualification may include:

- Previous qualification at the AQF level below
- Previous experience in the outdoor recreation industry and interest in outdoor

Entry into this qualification and progression between qualification levels will be based on the professional judgement of the RTO, in consultation with the individual.

Further Study

Career Opportunities

SIS40313 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor guide (controlled environment).

Study Options

Recognition of Prior Learning

Student Hubs

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  • Blended Learning - Study via a combination of online, workshops, web/video conferencing and mobile training units

On Campus - Study at a TAFE campus

You may have skills, knowledge, previous training or experience which is relevant to this course. If so, you may wish to have this recognised. This may also reduce your training time. For further information, visit Recognition and RPL

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Where can I study?


  Starts in January

  Full Time

  On Campus

Enrolment Code: SIS30413-01V02-19LHG-001


How will I study?

This course is an entry level qualification for those who wish to work in the outdoor industry in Australia. The course is offered full time over one semester parallel to the peak industry season/s to allow for full integration with work experience. The course can also be undertaken via a recognition pathway. It is designed to meet the needs of new entrants who wish to work in Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Education, students transitioning from other industries or people already working in the outdoor industry wishing to gain formal qualifications.
While there are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, recommended TAFE conditions of entry to this course are:
a background of personal involvement in outdoor recreation activities, comfortable spending extended periods of time (3-5 days) being self sufficient in a remote location without phone or internet signal, physically fit to participate in moderate physical activity in a remote setting, an ability to work independently and a love for the outdoors.
Your teacher will provide study support online, over the phone or via email as well as in the classroom.
Your learning resources will be provided to you as required.
This program includes a range of activities & assessment tasks which are to be completed in your own time

The course is delivered via a series of training blocks as opposed to a regular program across a normal five day cycle. Students can be provided with a detailed program/delivery schedule prior to the commencement of the course. Most classroom days are 9am - 5pm. There are some field days that are single days. Overnight field trips of up to 3 days/2 nights are scheduled. The course is ideally rostered on Monday to Friday, but there may be some time spent in the field on the weekends.

Elective units are chosen based on industry needs & employablility for graduates. These electives generally reflect the following combinations of activity specialisations: bushwalking; canoeing; adventure based learning; low/high ropes; mountain biking and abseiling. These practical areas can be supplemented by addition activity units as required. Trainee and Industry students may be integrated into classes as a means to increasing efficiency of delivery and financial sustainability.

The course is designed to meet the needs of pre-employment students, mainstream students and outdoor professionals currently employed in industry. TAFE NSW Lithgow College also customizes the delivery of the course to suit specific target groups of students employed by a range of outdoor companies as well as a range of full time employees in the outdoor recreation (or associated) industry who require upgrading of qualifications commensurate with current industry expectations (such as Australian Activity Standards). TAFE NSW Lithgow College is tailoring its delivery to suit industry requirements and individual employer needs. Course duration is usually 5 months full-time (depending on current competence and industry experience).

Call our Course Coordinator Georgie MacSmith on 63520472 to confirm your enrolment and also come visit us in the Outdoor Recreation Section at Lithgow Campus, 2 Hill Street, E Block on Tuesday 22 January at 2pm for an information seesion.

This program includes activities which are to be completed in your own time.

When will I study?

Class attendance is Full Time

Course length: 20 hours per week for 18 Weeks

Start Date: 29 January 2019
End Date: 30 June 2019

What will I pay?

The amount you pay will depend on your individual circumstances.

TAFE NSW Government-subsidised fee (for eligible students): Up to $2,550.00 per course (GST free).

The fee that is displayed is the price for a student completing their second qualification and meeting eligibility criteria. The fee you pay may be lower depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility for a subsidised place, a concession or an exemption. In some cases there are limited government subsidised places available.

Please contact your nearest TAFE Western campus or call us on 1300 823 393 for a personal fee assessment and to find out if you are eligible for a government subsidised place. If you do not gain a subsidised place you may be able to enrol and pay the non-government subsidised fee.

A payment must be made towards your course fee (if applicable) at the time you enrol or your place in the class will not be confirmed and you will not be able to access any of your learning resources.

Additional Costs

There is an additional cost for Materials of $300.00.

Who can I talk to?

Please contact the TAFE West Region Hotline on 131601