Disability Support Services

Student Disability Services

If you have a medical condition or a disability, you may be eligible for support to help you succeed with your studies.

Do you have a chronic medical condition? (For example Lupus, Epilepsy, Chronic Asthma, Krohn’s Disease)

Are you in recovery from a medical condition? (For example Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease)

Have you been injured in the workplace and undergoing rehabilitation? (For example spinal injury, psychological injury or trauma)

Do you have a physical disability or a mobility impairment?
Do you have a hearing impairment? Do you have a vision impairment?
Have you an acquired brain injury? Did you have trouble with learning at school?
Did you need extra assistance? Do you consider yourself to have dyslexia or a learning disability?
Have you experienced anxiety, or depression which may have impacted your day-to-day life? Do you have a mental health diagnosis?


Disability Services are available to both enrolled and prospective TAFE NSW students who have a disability and have met the entry requirements for a course.

TAFE Western employs specialist Disability Consultants to ensure that people with a disability have equal access to education and training at Western Institute campuses, so talk to us when you are enrolling to find out more. 

Disability Consultants provide a range of services to assist students. These include pre-course counselling and assistance with the enrolment process, as well as determining the most appropriate classroom support and assessment modifications. Support services and adjustments are provided in close consultation with the student or their advocate.

A range of strategies can be employed and may involve tutorial support, the use of adaptive technology, a sign language interpreter, note-taker or disability assistant. These adjustments may also apply to students who have a temporary disability.

You can also call TAFE Disability Programs on (02) 9217 3400 or TTY (Telephone Typewriter for people who are Deaf/hearing impaired) 1800 555 630. Contact can also be made via the National Relay Service (NRS) on 13 36 77, which is provided by the Australian Communication Exchange or speak & listen on 1300 555 727. You can also make an appointment at one of our student hubs at the Orange, Parkes or Dubbo colleges to find out more.

TAFE NSW policy supports the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1993) Disability Standards for Education (2005) and the NSW Disability Services Act (1986). These Acts are based on general principles that people with disabilities have the same rights as other members of the Australian society.