First Edition of Changing Lives Now Available

If you didn't think that TAFE was about changing lives, we think you will after you have read the teacher and student stories in this issue of Changing Lives.

TAFE Western's vision is to provide education and training that changes lives and in 2010 TAFE Western did that for more than 40,000 students across western NSW.

Some of our remarkable students and teachers feature in this issue. 

The student stories show how TAFE Western has played a vital part in their journeys by helping them advance their skills and qualifications to secure the next step in their career, or by assisting them to gain the confidence they need to overcome their circumstances. 

The teacher profiles show not only how TAFE Western is working to bridge the gap on the disadvantage Aboriginal people experience in relation to education, but also how we develop partnerships that assist students to move into employment.

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Download Changing Lives (3.28 MB) here.