Fast tracking apprenticeships

A project to review apprenticeship training and increase the number of qualified tradespeople gaining employment in industry is being conducted by TAFE NSW Western Institute and funded by the Commonwealth government.

“Adrian Mitchell, TAFE NSW – Western Institute Director said,” The Institute is working to develop pathways that reduce the amount of time taken to complete entire apprenticeships in a way that ensures quality and meets the needs of industry.

“TAFE is now talking with employers, current apprentices and past to inform the development of the first fast track pilot programs. By engaging employers and apprentices about current apprentice training we’re hoping to identify the best accelerated training options and select apprentices to trial new fast tracking options, he said.

Apprenticeships involved with this scheme will include bricklaying, carpentry, commercial cooking, hairdressing and heavy vehicle automotive trades and the plan is to pilot fast track training with 14 apprentices in each of these trade areas during the second half of this year.

Mr Mitchell said, “The current and future demand for skilled workers is driving this initiative. It is hoped that by removing time-based restrictions on qualifications and by enabling students to achieve their qualifications as soon as they can become competent will be an incentive for more people to become involved with apprenticeship training.

“This scheme is another opportunity for us to ensure TAFE is providing flexible and innovative training that meets industry and community needs.” concluded Mr Mitchell.

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