Australian Government and TAFE work to tackle unemployment

Unemployed people in the region will benefit from new training funded by the Australian Government and delivered by TAFE NSW Western Institute as part of a new national initiative, the Productivity Places Program.

The Productivity Places Program is an initiative of the Australian Government to help unemployed people develop vocational qualifications and improve their employment prospects. Training will be fully funded for participants in a range of courses which are identified as meeting regional skills shortages.

Adrian Mitchell, Director TAFE NSW Western Institute said, "The Government has approved 18 of the Institute's Certificate III courses to be offered as part of the scheme.

"We are looking forward to discussing these new options with employment service providers in the region, so they may plan for their unemployed clients to start these courses.

"There are some eligibility criteria, but the main one is being unemployed and registered with an employment service provider, so people interested in any of these qualifications should contact their provider for more information.

The courses currently approved for the Productivity Places Program within Western Institute are:

  • Aged Care Work Cert III
  • Agriculture Cert III
  • Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Ops) Cert III
  • Children's Services Cert III
  • Disability Work Cert III
  • Drilling - Mineral Exploration Cert III
  • Financial Services (Accounts Clerical) Cert III
  • Health Services Assistance Cert III
  • Horticulture (Landscape) Cert III
  • Horticulture (Parks & Gardens) Cert III
  • Horticulture Cert III
  • Hospitality Operations Cert III
  • Local Government Cert III
  • Production Horticulture Cert III
  • Retail Supervision Cert III
  • Rural Operations Cert III
  • Shearing Cert III
  • Transport & Distribution (Warehousing & Storage) Cert III

More information about the Productivity Places program is available from the Commonwealth Department of Education and Workplace Relations website

Information about the courses approved for delivery by TAFE can be seen at Western Institute's website or by telephone on 131 601.

Media Enquiries: Hugh Haynes, 6393 5930