Program Details

The Virtual Advisor Program covers the six topics described below. You will need to register to access the online resources.

  1. Getting started: who does business online?
    Discuss the benefits and the challenges of taking your business online and the opportunities offered by high-speed broadband.
  2. Planning your online business
    Discuss developing a web strategy to determine your business objectives and the tools required to create your online presence.
  3. Marketing online: tips and tools
    Discuss how to effectively promote your business or organisation online and reach a wider audience.
  4. Online selling: bringing in the dollars
    Discuss the challenges of conducting your business or organisation online and possible solutions to ensure you succeed.
  5. Online storage ("the Cloud"), privacy and security
    Discuss online data storage options for your business or organisation and how to gain customer confidence in your handling of their personal information.
  6. Communicating online and working remotely
    Discuss communicating with your customers online and possible strategies that could be part of your business operations.