TVET requirements for students

Students who are studying a TVET course at TAFE are required to:

  • arrive on time and remain until the conclusion of the class
  • attend class regularly
  • bring the necessary books and/or equipment and/or clothing to class
  • comply with OH&S practices
  • sit for assessments on the nominated date or seek approval to extend the due date
  • hand in all assignments by the due date or seek approval to extend the due date
  • plan activities so that TAFE study, school study & other activities can be achieved
  • follow written and spoken directions
  • stay on task
  • treat other students and staff with respect and courtesy
  • refrain from inappropriate behaviour such as swearing, littering, harassment, stealing, damaging or misusing property, and/or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • follow TAFE policies