TAFE Delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses offer Year 11 & 12 school students the opportunity to study for TAFE NSW qualifications as part of their regular Higher School Certificate study program. These courses are a great way to build a career in a range or professions.

As well as providing more choice for senior secondary school students, the benefits of doing a TVET Course include:

  • a hands-on approach to learning
  • gaining practical skills and training for the workplace
  • TVET qualifications which are recognised by employers Australia wide
  • the opportunity to gain two sets of credentials - one from the Board of Studies (HSC) and one from TAFE NSW.
  • advanced standing or credit transfer if you continue with TAFE NSW after school
  • an adult learning environment

TVET courses are usually conducted at TAFE Colleges and are always delivered by qualified TAFE NSW teachers.

All TVET courses count towards the Higher School Certificate however, only the Industry Curriculum Framework courses may count towards an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). There is an optional HSC Exam for Industry Curriculum Framework courses if you have done 240 hours of study.

Industry Curriculum Framework TVET Courses and other TVET courses have a mandatory work placement component.  Click here for work placement details.

TVET courses have the same Board of Studies requirements as other HSC courses. You will need to attend class and complete the set assessments. 

You must complete a TVET expression of interest form.  The Application form must be completed and signed by you, your parent or guardian and the school before being forwarded to the TVET campus coordinator.