TAFE Training at School

There are two ways in which secondary school students can combine vocational training from TAFE Western with their schooling:

TVET - TAFE Delivered Vocational Education and Training
School Based Apprentices and Traineeships

TAFE Western provides schools and students more choice by adding vocational training options to the curriculum.

More than 2250 school students study in over 40 different courses at 30 different locations under the TVET program offered by TAFE Western.


Research shows positive prospects for TVET students

Research shows students taking vocational subjects at school are more likely to go on to full-time employment and employment-based training in apprenticeships and traineeships.

A report completed by Melbourne University Career Moves: Longitudinal survey of Destinations, Pathways and Satisfaction of 2005 Government School HSC Students in New South Wales explains how NSW vocational education and training (VET) in schools has benefited students over the longer term. This independent study tracks VET and non-VET students' pathways over the two years following completion of the HSC.

VET graduates were found to be more employable, better skilled and more engaged in the labour market then non-VET students, evidence that VET in schools is playing a pivotal role in strengthening the skills of tomorrow's workforce.

Estimates of the study and work destinations of 2005 HSC VET graduates across NSW indicate that by 2007:

  • close to 30% had entered university;
  • 16% were studying a post-school VET course;
  • 13% were apprentices and 5% were trainees; and
  • 25% were in full-time work and not studying while 9% were in part-time work and not studying.

More information about this research is available from the NSW Government.