Recognition and RPL

Recognition for skills you have is a process in which previous training, experience and knowledge are assessed against a qualification.

For more information you can read the Recognition Fact Sheet

Recognition for industry experience

If you have current or recent experience working in an industry area or occupation relevant to the qualification you may apply for recognition.

You must be able to show proof of current or recent experience within the last two years in the relevant industry area. In some cases you may be eligible to complete the qualification without undertaking formal study or training.

For some qualifications there may be the opportunity to undertake a challenge test to demonstrate your skills.

You may also have developed valuable skills by working for a community or voluntary organisation, or through other life experiences such as hobbies, sport and leisure activities and this experience can also be considered for recognition.

Recognition for previous training

If you already have formal qualifications from a TAFE, university, school or another Registered Training Organisation in Australia, they may be relevant to the qualification you wish to study and you can apply for recognition.

If you hold qualifications gained overseas, TAFE Western will carefully consider them in the recognition process.

How much recognition can I have?

Depending on your skills, experience and knowledge, and the evidence you are able to provide, it is possible to gain recognition for the full qualification. You may also apply for individual units.

The benefits of applying for recognition

If you choose to achieve your qualification through recognition you are given credit for what you already know and can demonstrate which will reduce your formal training time. The extent to which you reduce your training time will vary according to whether you are able to achieve a full qualification through a recognition process.

Other benefits of the recognition process include:

  • less time undertaking formal study – you do not need to relearn what you already know
  • an increase in self-esteem – you may get a qualification for your current skills and knowledge
  • a skills gap training plan will be developed to support you to achieve the full qualification if required.

Talk to us

If you are thinking of undergoing the recognition process, talk to us and we will send you a Candidate RPL Information and Self Assessment Kit. You can also find out whether:

  • you are eligible for Smart and Skilled funding and the cost of enrolling. OR, if you are not eligible,
  • the cost for submitting an application for the qualification you are seeking and the cost for 100% recognition of the
    full qualification.

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Trade Skills Recognition program

TAFE Western's Trade Skills Recognition Programme is for people who have been working in a trade or industry, for at least four years, who do not hold a formal qualification, but have gained skills on the job. You can download the full flier here Trade Skills Recognition Programme.

Through the programme, TAFE Western assesses and recognises the skills you already have and provides an opportunity for you to gain a qualification. Call 1300 823 393 to find out more or contact us via email us