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About course fees

TAFE Western courses can be government-subsidised or provided on a ‘fee-for-service’ basis. When a course is government-subsidised, the ‘Smart and Skilled' fee applies and concessions or exemptions may apply for eligible students to these courses.

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What is Smart and Skilled?

The NSW Government is bringing in a new funding model for training, called Smart and Skilled.

The fee that you will pay for a government subsidised course will depend upon your personal circumstances, and eligibility.

More information can be found on the Smart and Skilled website.

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Which courses attract government subsidy?

Courses on the Smart and Skilled NSW Skills List attract government subsidies. Qualifications that are not on the NSW Skills List may be offered as fee for service courses.

How does this affect me?
• Student fees will change, but will be in line with other RTOs approved as Smart and Skilled providers as the reforms are also regulating the market price of government-subsidised training.
• Students who want to study in government subsidised courses will need to meet specific personal eligibility criteria and choose from courses included on the NSW Skills List.

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Changes to eligibility for the Smart and Skilled Entitlement

From 2016, students with a Certificate IV or higher qualification will be able to access subsidised Smart and Skilled training up to Certificate III level

How does this affect me?

• Students with a previous qualification of Certificate IV or higher will be eligible for Smart and Skilled subsidy in the Standard Entitlement program.
• Students in this scenario will pay the Standard Subsequent Qualification Fee (unless they fall into an Exemption or Concession scenario).• 2015 continuing students will continue as per the fee arrangements under which they enrolled.
• Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation will continue to be an exception scenario. Students with this as a previous highest qualification will pay the Standard First Qualification Fee.

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 Am I eligible for a government subsidised place?

Fees will be dependent on whether the course is eligible for Government subsidy (i.e. if it is on the Skills List) and then whether you are individually eligible based on your specific circumstances. The Smart and Skilled website contains more information on eligibility criteria.

You can find out what fee you might need to pay and your eligibility to access government subsidised training by visiting the Smart and Skilled website and using the fee calculator.

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Fee-for-service charge

If you are not eligible for government subsidised training you will have the option to pay a fee-for-service charge instead. Fee-for-service charges vary and depend on the type of course, attendance mode and course duration. Specific fee information is contained in the individual course brochures.

From 1 January 2017 VET Student Loans will be implemented.  You can find out more here.

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Do I need to pay the student fee?

When you enrol with TAFE Western you need to pay the student fee. If you enrol in a government subsidised course you may qualify for a fee exemption or concession.

Only when your enrolment is complete and you have paid the applicable fee will you be entitled to attend class, sit for examinations, receive educational awards, use amenities, access services (including travel concessions and childcare places) or receive an active TAFEcard (which provides access to library resources).

  • Find out more about making arrangements to pay your course fees - Payment of Fees

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Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students

Aboriginal Students who meet the general criteria for a Government subsidised training place will be exempt from the student fee.

Find more information on the Smart and Skilled website.

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Students with a disability

Students who live or work in NSW and who receive a disability support pension and students with a disability (clients of a Teacher Consultant for students with a disability) will be exempt from fees for any Smart and Skilled qualification they undertake, regardless of the number of qualifications in which they enrol or the level of the qualification .

To understand more fully how Smart and Skilled may impact on students with a disability call Jenelle Copeland 6338 2590 or 0428 869 056.

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Am I eligible for a concession?

If you are eligible for government-subsidised training you may be eligible for a fee Concession. Please see the list below for applicable Commonwealth benefits or allowances:
• Age Pension
• Austudy including Veterans Children Education Scheme
• Carer Payment
• Disability Support Pension
• Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment
• Family Tax Benefit Part A (maximum rate)
• Farm Household Allowance
• Newstart Allowance
• Parenting Payment (Single)
• Sickness Allowance
• Special Benefit
• Veteran’s Affairs Pensions
• Verteran’s Children Education Scheme
• Widow Pension including Widow B Pension
• Widow Allowance
• Wife Pension
• Youth Allowance.

Please note:
• Claims for exemption or concession must be made at the time you enrol for the course. It is not possible to change the type of fee you pay after you have commenced training.

Students who are recognised as the dependant child/spouse/partner of a recipient of an eligible benefit or allowance may also be eligible for the concession fee. To find out if you are eligible for a full-fee exemption or concession fee, contact your college before enrolling. Your college can also advise you about what documentation you will need to bring with you to enrol.

Concession and exemption application forms
If you are applying for a fee exemption or concession fee, you need to complete a Concession or Exemption application form and return it with appropriate documentation to your Western Institute TAFE college:
• TAFE NSW Concession Fee application form
• TAFE NSW Fee Exemption application form

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Can I get help with my fees?

From 1 January 2017, VET Student Loans will be implemented.  This is a new student loans program that replaces the current VET FEE-HELP scheme, to give eligible students access to quality higher level VET qualifications, particularly those students who could not otherwise afford to pay upfront.

More information on VET Student Loans can be found here including:

  • eligibility
  • loan caps
  • eligible courses
  • repayment

Existing VET FEE-Help students

From January, when VET Student Loans are implemented, VET-FEE Help will cease for all new students.

  • Students engaged in study will be able to continue with their current VET-FEE Help arrangements until 31 December 2017

More information on what it means for students can be found here.

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Replacement transcripts and testamurs

You can request a free replacement academic transcript at any of our Customer Service Centres. You can apply for a replacement testamur at your college of enrolment, by completing the TAFE NSW Application Form for a Replacement Testamur/Confirmation of Award and paying the $75 fee. The $75 fee is charged for lost, damaged or stolen Testamur/Confirmation of Award (COA).

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Payment methods

You can pay your student fee by:
• MasterCard
• Visa card
• Cheque or money order payable to ‘TAFE NSW’.

TAFE NSW does not accept cash. You can pay at any of our colleges.

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Refunds and withdrawals

See the TAFE NSW refunds and withdrawals information.

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International students

Fees and charges for International students vary. Find out more on the DEC International website.

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Temporary visa holders

Most temporary visa holders can study at TAFE NSW. If you are a temporary visa holder please see the TAFE NSW information for temporary visa holders.

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Further information

Call us on 1300 823 393, Monday to Friday 9:00am–5:00pm or talk to us online.

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