Moodle Support

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online Learning Management System (LMS) it is:

  • Used in 237 countries around the world
  • FREE for students
  • EASY to use
  • Will house a variety of content including web content, videos, documents and audio



Moodle Student Orientation Guide

Moodle Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble logging in to Moodle?

You will need an active DEC username and password to access Moodle.

Your username and password are provided to you at the time of your enrolment. For assistance and support speak with your facilitator. Be aware, your student password expires every 90 days so you need to update it through your Student portal regularly.

How do I find the course I need?

To access your course materials your facilitator will provide you with the URL address and the enrolment key (as needed) for your course.

The very first time you access Moodle you will need to follow the instuctions below:

  1. Click on the link, or open a new browser window and copy/paste the link into the address bar. This will open up the login page.
  2. Enter your DEC user ID and password. If you do not have your DEC User ID and password please contact your Facilitator.
  3. Click ‘Login'
  4. You may be required to enter a onetime enrolment key. This enrolment key should be provided by your facilitator at the time you receive the link to your course. If you have not received your enrolment key contact your facilitator for this information.
  5. Click ‘Enrol me’ to enter the course. 

After your initial Moodle login you can access the Moodle from this link:

We recommend that you save this link in your favourites

When you log in from this link you will be directed to your “Dashboard”. Your dashboard links to all of the courses that you are enrolled in within the site.

From your dashboard you can also access the “Main Menu”. From the main menu you can search all courses that are on the TAFE Western Moodle, please note that if you are not an enrolled student in the courses you will not be able to undertake study in these online units. You can also access support resources from the “Main Menu” or from the “Help” menu at the top of the page 

Technical Requirements for using Moodle

To use our Moodle effectively you will require a computer with a reliable internet connection. Many of our resources require a strong internet connection so the better your connection, the better your experience.

Our Moodle is designed to work for you with free downloadable software.

Please be aware that you can access a computer with internet connection from one of our 24 TAFE Colleges. Often your local library will have computers you can access for your study.

For detailed information about the 'technical requirements for studying online' please

Download our instruction document

Submitting your assignments and receiving feedback

Within Moodle many courses allow you to submit your assessments online. To do this, follow the onscreen prompts.

Download our guide to submitting assignments in Moodle

Editing your Moodle Profile

Your Moodle profile determines what information other users can see about your in a Moodle course. It's also where you choose how you want to receive emails from Moodle, subscribe to forums and edit text. When you are first enrolled in a Moodle course, the system creates a personal profile for you. You can:

  1. Add a profile picture of your self, or any other image, which will display next to your contributions.
  2. Add information about yourself and your interests (academic, leisure or both)
  3. Specify whether Moodle should display your email address to others and, if so, to whom.
  4. Select the method Moodle should use to notify you of what's happening in your courses.

IF you cannot get past the profile page it is because:

  • your TAFE account is not yet fully active (get your facilitator to check)
  • you have tried to change your email address and have not yet verified your new address.

Verify email image screen shot

After you have verified your new address log out of Moodle and come back in fresh! You should now progress as usual.