Student Work Health and Safety

In Australia, workplace safety is mandatory and is enforceable by law.

TAFE Western Institute accepts its obligation under the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to provide a safe working environment and to protect the health and safety of staff, students and clients from injury or illness arising from the workplace.

‘Workplace' in this context includes all TAFE premises, motor vehicles, machinery and implements, as well as all sites where any TAFE activity is carried out, such as construction sites, rural properties and community facilities.

TAFE Western Institute has invested significant resources to ensure that you can study and learn in a safe environment. Because of the diversity of educational programs and trade courses offered to TAFE students across our Campuses, it would be impossible to list all the individual responsibilities associated with each course. Your Teacher will explain the different safety requirements that you as a student are to follow in line with your course or trade requirements.

Students should note that, apart from proceedings under the TAFE NSW Student Discipline Policy, breaches of workplace safety may be subject to separate prosecution by NSW WorkCover under the NSW Work Health and Safety Act.

It is imperative that students are aware of, and understand, their responsibilities in regard to workplace safety, and that Western Institute will not tolerate any action or behaviour that endangers our staff, students or visitors.

It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you abide by the Work Health and Safety Legislation and that you do not cause harm to other students, staff members or the public. It is also your responsibility as a student to notify the teaching staff if you become aware of areas of safety concern. These can be faulty equipment, power cords not properly connected or a lack of Personal Protective Equipment or Warning Signs on machinery or containers used in the course of your education.

As a student you should be alert to the following safety precautions:

  • Use equipment carefully and in the correct manner
  • Report hazards and injuries to your teacher
  • Always wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment or Safety clothing as directed by your Teacher.
  • Report safety or health concerns, or if you are not sure, still report it to your Teacher
  • Do not use equipment if you think it is faulty or unsafe - report it to your teacher and have your teacher check it
  • Always obey safety instructions or directions on machinery or chemicals
  • Always obey health signs and notices displayed throughout the Campus
  • Follow safety instructions from your Teacher
  • Be aware of the nature of chemical hazards and dangerous substances as described in Material Safety Data Sheets that you can access from your Teacher
  • Do not misuse or tamper with lighting, fire or smoke alarms, or other safety equipment. This can endanger your own life or that of another student, teacher or members of the public
  • Use appropriate lifting techniques that require people to use body force to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise restrain animals, person or things. Always use mechanical appliances supplied for the specific purpose of lifting
  • Do not tamper or interfere with electrical equipment - IT COULD KILL YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE

If you have an accident in class, you must report any injury to your Teacher, no matter how minor the injury

Trained First Aid Officers are available at most Campuses to provide emergency first aid treatment and to make decisions about possible referral

If you are involved in an incident, which does not result in an injury, you must also report this ‘near miss' to your Teacher and they are required to complete an Injury/Illness/Incident Report where an injury or ‘near miss' occurs in his/her class.

The purpose of these reports is to assist Campuses to maintain a safe workplace and to remedy any potentially unsafe equipment or work practices.

For more information about work health and safety:

  • read the policy for the NSW Department of Education and Training and TAFE NSW Commission
  • visit a TAFE NSW library
  • ask your teacher
  • visit the WorkCover website