TAFE Western Institute strives to maintain an harassment free environment. It is therefore the responsibility of all staff and students of Western Institute to ensure that our Campuses are places where people can study and learn free of harassment of any kind.

Harassment is any conduct that is unwelcome, demeaning, unreciprocated, intimidating or offensive against an individual or a group of people.  Harassment may be based on gender, sexuality, race or disability.

Harassment may take many forms, including, amongst others:

  • Physical contact
  • Unwelcomed invitations
  • Persistent following (stalking)
  • Verbal abuse or threats
  • Derogatory comments about the personal characteristics of a person or the group to which they belong
  • Gestures that insult or belittle a person
  • Unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favours or other conduct of a sexual nature, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, and where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances
  • Discriminating against a person or group involving exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour or national or ethnic origin which impairs their fundamental rights or freedoms
  • Circulating or displaying written or pictorial material that is offensive or belittling to a person or their group
  • Persistently disrupting an individual's work, work or study space, or equipment, or interfering with their personal property
  • Continuously making jokes about a person or the group to which they belong

How do I deal with harassment?

You need to talk to the person you believe is harassing you:

  • Tell them what you think happened
  • Tell them how you feel about it
  • Tell them what you want done differently

If the above action does not stop the harassment, you can seek help from your teacher or another member of staff, including a TAFE Counsellor, or the College Team Leader.

What can I expect if I lodge a complaint?

You can expect the full support of the TAFE Western Institute within the principles of natural justice. You will have the option of informal or formal complaint procedures. All complaints will be taken seriously and will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Can we Help?

TAFE Western Institute recognises that an effective system for handling customer complaints is an essential part of a quality service and leads to improvement in the level of our customer service.

If you have a complaint or a suggestion about our service, please let one of our staff know immediately so that we can act on the matter as soon as possible.

We suggest that you talk about your matter of concern with someone you know, such as one of your Teachers. If you report the matter personally we will try to act on it straight away. However, if your matter cannot be resolved immediately, we'll keep you informed of what is happening.

You can also put your complaint in writing by filling out a Customer complaint, suggestion and feedback form and returning it either to your Teacher or Campus.

You can be assured that any matter you raise will be dealt with promptly and confidentially.