Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability is identified under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992) as;

‘A disorder or malfunction which results in a person learning differently from a person without the disorder or malfunction’.

The incidence of learning disability in Australia, as in other western countries, is suggested to be 10% to 12 % of the population, with 4 % being severely affected, according to the Australian Learning Disability Association.

Learning disability is specific to the individual and can affect the way a person takes in, remembers, understands and expresses information.

People with a learning disability generally have average or above average intelligence and the ability to learn, despite having difficulties in processing information.

People with learning disabilities can succeed when individualised self-management skills and strategies are developed and relevant adjustments are provided.

The Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW (SPELD) www.speldnsw.org.au