Interpreters Support and Notetakers


If you are deaf or hearing impaired, an interpreter can communicate to you what is happening in the classroom.

The interpreter will use your preferred sign language and, as far as possible, communicate all discussions, information and demonstrations delivered by teaching staff and/or students during class. They can also communicate your comments to the rest of the class.

It may be difficult to find an interpreter, so it is important to contact the Disability Consultant before you enrol. This will help TAFE to provide the support you need when your classes begin.



If you have difficulty making your own notes, a notetaker can be provided to go to classes with you and take class notes in plain language. They can also explain the notes to you after class.

You can use adaptive equipment in class to help you to be more independent in the classroom. For example, you may prefer to use a computer, a hearing loop or a tape recorder.

It is important that you discuss your support needs with a Disability Consultant before you enrol, so that an suitable notetaker, or equipment, can be arranged before your classes commence.