The Maliyan Experience


The Maliyan Experience – a journey into cultural excellence offers organisations the chance to integrate a knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and protocols into their organisational culture, practices, standards and policies.  It is specially designed for the workplace/workforce. 

A combination of experience and academic research alongside our commitment to, and understanding of training for workforce development, guides the TAFE Western Maliyan Experience.  It provides participants with a comprehensive cultural journey including an on-country experience facilitated through the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.  It is founded on the understanding that cultural competence is not achieved through words alone;  rather through knowledge, the application of that knowledge and firsthand experience with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultures.


Our Cultural training was a real eye opener, and provided all of us with an insight into what we do well and where we can improve    


Sue Rogan, Manager, Pre Entry Programs, Future Moves, Charles Sturt University

Our Maliyan Experience trainers are all Aboriginal peoples from a range of Aboriginal Countries (homelands), ages and perspectives with many years’ experience in delivering cultural awareness and competence training.  Our trainers are entrusted with the responsibility of providing a safe space for participants to engage with the Maliyan Experience topics, to assist individuals and organisations in articulating the rationale for cultural competence, to facilitate buy-in and provide a quality experience.

The Program:

The Maliyan Experience – a journey into cultural excellence provides a comprehensive cultural journey including an on-country experience, and includes a specialist consultation to support the ongoing application of learnings from your Maliyan journey.

It encompasses three phases:

  • Awareness – identify your organisation’s cultural assumptions; investigate topics such as racism, culture, socio-political and community engagement.
  • Competence – gain a deeper understanding of cultural protocols and practices ; and
  • Implementation – establish your Aboriginal Community Reference Group, create a cultural framework, identify goals of an Aboriginal Employment Strategy, continue your cultural competence journey. 

Each phase includes two stages.  This approach supports an effortless integration into workplace development and planning, alignment with staff induction, core training and continued development activities.  Stage 1 is FREE (5 to 10 minutes) and identifies an organisations strengths and challenges.  Give our team a call to discuss your cultural training and receive your Stage 1 questionnaire. You can find a sample section of the questionnaire here


The Report from Stage 1 was so useful we have published it on our Intranet


Paul Hewitt, Executive Director, Curriculum Teaching and Assessment / Registrar of Teachers, Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW

The Maliyan Experience provides a comprehensive cultural journey including an on-country experience.  Our trainers provide a safe space for individuals and organisation to explore the rationale for cultural competence, to facilitate buy-in from participants as well as providing a quality experience.

Why consider TAFE Western’s -  The Maliyan Experience?

TAFE Western is one of the largest providers of vocational education and training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.  Our 3exeperince in Aboriginal education and training has been recognised in NSW with a TAFE NSW Gilli Award every year since 2011.  We are very proud to be the first Registered Training Organisation outside the NT to have a Stretch RAP approved by Reconciliation Australia.  Reconciliation is core business for TAFE Western.

The Maliyan Experience is a complimentary program to the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group’s Connection to Country program, and those that have completed Connection to Country are encouraged to further their knowledge and understanding by participating in The Maliyan Experience.

Developed with the support, input and endorsement of NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Incorporated, Aboriginal Communities and TAFE Western’s Aboriginal Community Reference Group, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples and staff, The Maliyan Experience is about cultural knowledge systems and cultural interface, not just cultural activity.


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The development of The Maliyan Experience has involved extensive consultation with Aboriginal peoples, including local elders, community representatives, the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and TAFE Western staff, and has the full endorsement of the NSW AECG.