Recognition for skills

TAFE NSW recognises the skills and knowledge that you or your employees may have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences.

If you or your employees have formal qualifications from a TAFE, university, school or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, containing content that is included in the qualification you want to study, you can apply for recognition. If you hold qualifications gained overseas, TAFE NSW will carefully consider them during the recognition process.

If you or your employees have been working in a role that is relevant to a qualification you are seeking you have probably developed skills and knowledge which can be assessed for recognition. You may also have developed valuable skills by working for a community or voluntary organisation or through other life experiences such as hobbies, sport and leisure activities, which can also be considered for recognition.

Find out more about recognition for existing skills.

Trade skills recognition program

TAFE Western's Trade Skills Recognition is for people who have been working in a trade or industry, for at least four years, who do not hold a formal qualification, but have gained skills on the job.

Find out more about the Trade Skills Recognition Program Call 1300 823 393 or email course information.

Through the programme, TAFE Western assesses and recognises the skills you already have and provides an opportunity for you to gain a qualification.  The benefits of undertaking the skills recognition programme are that:

  • You can get a qualification for skills you already have
  • The programme is customised to your needs
  • It reduces the amount of formal study you may need to complete
  • It may lead to improved job prospects or career pathways
  • You can become compliant with NSW Office of Fair Trading licensing requirements

Employers can use the program for a number of employees.