printWest Products and Services

The products and services offered by printWest are wide ranging:

How can we help you?

We can assist with:

  • the design (“look”) of resources
  • project management of the development process
  • physical development of resources (where applicable) – e.g. desktop publishing, packaging
  • sourcing of resources from other suppliers
  • customisation of resources to suit specific target needs
  • copying / duplication of CDs and DVDs
  • training of staff in the resource development process.

Learner guides for students

printWest supplies printed notes for TAFE students located throughout NSW. There are currently hundred of titles available and new notes are regularly being added to this list. For enquiries about titles in your teaching area, please contact printWest.

Project Management

printWest's staff work with project teams through all stages of the resource development process, from writing, editing and proofing to product manufacture and distribution.

printWest's contribution can be both direct (e.g. desktop publishing, graphic design, printing) and indirect (e.g. coordination of external contractors). Our staff will help you target your audience and develop a product within your budget and timeframes.


A vital factor in producing effective resources is having all team members well prepared and making consistent contributions. printWest staff help project teams to get off to a good start by providing advice on the product development process – the instructional plan, presenting information, universal design and so on.


printWest's digital printing system provides an on-demand printing service which helps reduce costs. The price per item is the same whether you want 1 or 100 copies. The system allows you to order short print runs and helps eliminate the costs associated with storage and obsolescence. It is the ideal system to cater for reprints and updates at short notice.

printWest also has colour copying capability, which is particularly popular for jobs requiring superior presentation and/or jobs where colour is stipulated for legislative or display purposes.

Identifying the most suitable product

What suits one particular target group won’t necessarily suit another. Should we be producing electronic resources, hard copy, on-line?

printWest helps educational staff to identify the most effective modes of delivery for their students and to develop or customise appropriate support resources. Where printWest does not have the capability, it contracts or partners with specialist providers to meet the customer’s needs.

For more information contact printWest.

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