Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • use of facilities and equipment;
  • financial and other private interests;
  • political participation;
  • outside employment and private practice;
  • acceptance of gifts and benefits;
  • conduct of former staff members.

If there is any conflict between the code and the provisions of an act or regulation, the act or regulation always applies. If a staff member breaches the code it may be considered as a breach of discipline and disciplinary action may be taken (in line with the legislation that applies).

In performing their duties and responsibilities staff should:

  • accept the responsibility to act professionally and have the highest standards of service to students and the public;
  • pursue the best interests of the people of NSW;
  • work efficiently and effectively with integrity and objectivity;
  • strive to improve their skills and the quality of their work;
  • treat students ant the public fairly with professional concern for their interests consistent with their responsibilities to the Commission;
  • act in a way that will promote cooperation and good relations among the people they work with;
  • use official information in a proper and appropriate way;
    avoid real or apparent conflicts of interests;
  • try to find and use more efficient, economical and effective ways of doing their job;
  • act in a way that will enhance the stature of the public sector and its ability to serve the public.